Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What is a Catalytic Converter from a car?

I took my car in the shop and they told me that my car needs the catalytic converter changed. What is that? I have a honda accord 03 they are charging me to fix it $500. Is that right. How much is that piece in the auto parts if I go get it?What is a Catalytic Converter from a car?03 Honda Accord part #18160RAAA11

Dealers list price $633.98

They offered you aftermarket part, so $500 with labor sounds OK.What is a Catalytic Converter from a car?It is part of the exhaust system and the cost should include the disposal of the old one as well as the price of the replacement.What is a Catalytic Converter from a car?a catalytic converter is so expensive because it is made with Platinum.

They should cost about $150 retail. it is on your exhaust and it burns up excess fuel coming out of your engine to reduce emmission.

Shop around, $500 is too muchWhat is a Catalytic Converter from a car?yeah i would say that 500$ is too much to buy you can sell a catalytic converter from a car that is old and doesn't work for around 75$ to a scrap yard so they are a little pricey considering the Platinum and copper used in it.What is a Catalytic Converter from a car?the catalytic converter is a small box in the exhaust just after the engine. what it does is take nasties in the exhaust gas like carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides etc and convert them into gasses such as carbon dioxide (CO2), and water (H2O).

they are very expensive because most of them contain precious metals such as platinum in them.

they DO NOT burn up excess fuel. they are actually damaged by excess fuel, and as a result cat converters are often damaged by rich running engines.What is a Catalytic Converter from a car?There is no way that you would need you catalytic converter changed on a 03 car. Espcially a honda. Seems to me the shop is trying to rip you off. Like other have said its in your exhaust system. Look under your car follow the exhaust off the manafold to and you will see a small thing that resembles a muffler. after the catalytic converter you will find the actual muffler which will be larger... then the end of the exhasut pipe. (I CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH GET A SECOND OPINION) I would be hard pressed to think you need a new catalytic converter.... Why did you have the car in the shop to begin with??? (The cost isnt in the converter itself... legally it needs to welded into place because they are not to be removed...your cost is in the labor.)
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