Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How do i change my catalytic converter?

i have a 1994 saturn and i need to change the catalytic converter, and im not sure how i go about doing this. i don't know where to cut it off, i don't want to cut it to short. if anyone has some ideas where and how to do it. thank youHow do i change my catalytic converter?There are two types, universal, and direct fit. It appears that both require cutting is seems. But the direct fit only requires cutting on one end. The first thing is to get the new one and mark where the cuts will be, then make the cut. A tube cutter works best, but there are other ways.

Many states require the exhaust system to be welded. In others clamps and splice tubes can be used. For those states a piece of exhaust pipe that telescopes over the existing tubing can be used along with clamps to seal the exhaust back up. This allows for fixing a fit up that is too large. Summit racing sells special band clamps that work for this too. But the site is malfunctioning at this time.

For the cost of the tools needed, a local (non-chain) exhaust shop can weld one in for you.How do i change my catalytic converter?First.. Repair what ever damaged it.

Simply putting on a new catalytic converter will only solve the affect, not the cause.

Two weeks from now, you're going to be replacing it again if you didn't fix the cause of the problem to begin with.

Unless you have a plasma cutter, and wire feed welder, pay someone to do it.

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