Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Question for car modifiers?????

How come when people change their exhaust system to a performance one, they always go for a cat-back or a cat-back with extractors and not a full whole exhaust system including all the pipes. I see a lot of people that do not change their catalytic converter to a better performance enhancing one. Is it because they are too poor or not as good?????. I want to know.Question for car modifiers?????Usually doing the cat back system as well as the headers will give you power gains decent enough to do them. A lot of modifiers leave the catalytic converters because for one, it's an added expense with very little effect. Secondly, smog. People don't want to go through replacing the converters and fail the smog and then putting the old one back. Just a pain in the behind. Personally, I'd just leave the catalytic converters alone. Headers and the cat back system will do a good job in the power gains department. It's just the beginning of the fun world of modification.Question for car modifiers?????punch holes in your cat

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but greatQuestion for car modifiers?????cat back is easier, also a lot of OBD II (newer) cars require that both the pre cat o2 sensor and post -cat 02 sensor remain intact for emissions purposes. I would personally go with headers and full exhaust because usually next to the mufflers, stock headers are the most restrictive.
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