Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How much should it cost to replace my catalytic converter?

I have a 1998 Dodge Neon and my auto repair man said it would cost $303 for parts and labor. He normally gives me a good deal (he just changed the rear main seal for $350/$400 -- trying to get him at $350 when he quoted $400 haha), but it seems a little high to me.

Let me know what you think. There are 121,000 miles on the carHow much should it cost to replace my catalytic converter?Not a bad price. Prices usually depend where you live. Some places will be able to do them anywhere from $175-400 depending on labor rates and brand of parts they use. You could always call a few shops in the area and get a quote over the phone.How much should it cost to replace my catalytic converter?The Cat converter for that car is under a $100, but He will charge you almost double, then add labor to it...Don't you know of someone who could do it for $50 because it is like changing a muffler, not hard at all...but since you put this much money in this car already...I would have someone that you know do it or just get rid of that car...All the things you had done with it already, tells you that it's time to give up the car and look for something else...Try a Honda or Mazda...both offer small cars, and while alittle expensive...there is a reason for that...they are built well...but a neon? It's never been built even average....How much should it cost to replace my catalytic converter?There are two types of replacement catalytic converters. #1. The cut your pipe weld adapters and scab back together deal. They might work for a few minutes or days or not at all. They're the $100. -$150.00 specials. #2. The direct replacement type that has welded flanges all installed in the new converter front and rear which would be a direct bolt-on unit. They cost more but they're guarantied and they work.

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