Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Help with pricing of car part and installation?

Hey guys, I need some help. My catalytic converter needs changing, I plan on buying one online and pay for someone to install it. I got a price of $65 for an Eastern Universal cat converter for my 1998 Ford Escort ZX2. Is that a good price? How much would it cost for a mechanic to put that on for me?

Thanks guys.Help with pricing of car part and installation?be carefull that the cat you are purchasing is acceptable for the state you live in! California for instance has a seperate cat required on many cars and you would be waising the money. also please concider replacing the oxygen sensor at the same time as they work as a team and can fowl each other equally. any low price muffler shop can do your cat for you .Help with pricing of car part and installation?I've never had to replace a catalytic converter in any car that I have ever owned. $65 is too cheap for a cat converter. It's probably defective. Something's wrong here. I went to their web site and couldn't find any pricing info. They are usually $500 give or take; $200 on sale. I wouldn't buy it from your source. Eastern's web site has no phone numbers, addresses or any information other than e-mail contact. May be difficult to get good customer service.Help with pricing of car part and installation?Autozone lists a catalytic converter for a 1998 Ford Escort ZX2 at $167.99. Assuming the one you found will fit $67 is a good price. Labor rates vary widely. You need to ask local mechanics how much they charge.
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