Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Does my Vauxhall Corsa Life 1.0L 2005 have a catalytic converter?

I have a hole in the middle section of my exhaust, so i want to replace the whole exhaust. Can anyone tell me if this car has a catalyic converter? I understand the exhaust will cost about 4 times as much if it does. Or can the rest of the exhaust be replaced without replacing the cat? Last question lol, how long should a catalytic convertor last until it needs changing? Cheers for your help.Does my Vauxhall Corsa Life 1.0L 2005 have a catalytic converter?answer to your question is probably yes mate, to be honest prices can vary alot depending on were the garage or itself get the part from.the actual cat should be located just under the manifold at the front.

(from memory)the actual exhaust goes from justt below the cat to the b/box so you can jus replace the middle piece.

there would be no point in replacing the cat just for the sake of it.

does the cat rattle?

does the car run lumpy like it seames the cats blocked?

personal i would just replace the middle and b/box because the flange on the m/pip to the b/box is prone for corrosion.

hope this helps :)Does my Vauxhall Corsa Life 1.0L 2005 have a catalytic converter?First of all, a 2005 Corsa running on gasoline should have a catalytic converter; when you look at the exhaust system, it should be somewhere about where the gearshift lever is in the car. I drive a 1990 Vectra A, have replaced the exhaust system several times, but still have the original catalytic converter - 18 years now! So I figure you can easily replace the exhaust while leaving the converter in place. If you absolutely have to replace the cat, look at junkyards first ... GOOD LUCK!

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