Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Catalytic and alternator problem?

I recently changed my catalytic converter on my 00 honda civic Sedan.

it was making a crackling sound so i got a new one.

The next day i bought a high output alternator, (yesterday).

I installed it but did not do the big three.

First one of the wires connected to my radiator fan motor burned out and my car overheated.

when i got home I just jiggled the wires around that goes to my Radiator fan (It turns on by a switch that i have next to the steering wheel) and took the battery out. When i put the battery back in the fan worked

one connection looked burnt but the fan still works.

Now my car wont go fast and i think the sensor in my catalytic converter or the sensor that tells it how to open (or i dont know what it does i just know it tells the converter something and makes the car run) blew out.

I think the wire for my radiator fan burned because of my high output alternator.

I dont now how many amps my alternator is but i know its powerful.

Can my alternator be so powerful that it blows out all my fuses and my O2 sensor's?

also well also when i changed my got my catalytic converter my check engine light came on a few hours later.

and yesterday when my radiator failed, i didnt know it, and my engine started smoking

i let it cool down and drove home but the check engine light started blinking but my car was driving fine just a little slow.

i was going to work but when a started driving my car had no power to it. i think my converter is failing me but why would the sensor go out if i just got it installed 2 days agoCatalytic and alternator problem?the cat wouldn't be causing it but that alternator needs to go. Honda's are picky like that you change one thing and you gotta change a bunch of other stuff. put it back to stock and go.

make sure you put all the gaskets on that came with the converter so you dont have an exhaust leak but you cat (in a nutshell) simply cleans your exhaust kinda like a filter so it doesn't pollute the air. i think that alternator fried something serious that's electrical and its causing the ecu to throw a bunch of engine codes.Catalytic and alternator problem?You have multiple problems. Change your ignition wires and plugs. That will cure the blinking check engine light. You might have shorting feed wires to various parts. Change them and make sure you are not rubbing to the frame.

Dr A

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