Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Does my bad catalytic converter burn oil?

99 Jetta. Just got the oil changed. already low. does my bad catalytic converter burn oil? Also, I live in Baltimore, Maryland. How much is a good price to get my catalytic converter replaced (parts %26amp; labor)?Does my bad catalytic converter burn oil?It is the other way around. The oil consumption of the engine made your catalytic converter go bad.

Your engine more than likely is the problem. Oil consumption usually comes from one or more areas in your engine.

You may have worn piston rings

You may have worn valve seals

You may have both problems.

The excessive engine oil consumption was more than the catalytic converter could handle. Now the catalytic converter is fouled. It will eventually get plugged. When this happens there will be a noticeable drop in power. If you replace the catalytic converter it will quickly become fouled again from the oil coming from the engine.

Either way the only permanent fix is an engine overhaul. But it is up to you if you want to spend a few thousand dollars on a 10 year old car. The cost of an overhaul or replacement engine could easily exceed the value of this car.Does my bad catalytic converter burn oil?Mad Jack is exactly correct. The converter has no effect on the condition of the engine but oil passing through the exhaust will destroy a very expensive converter quickly. These things are not at all cheap, like about a grand for most of them. Fix your engine first.Does my bad catalytic converter burn oil?Hi

No a catalytic converter well or does not burn oil.. If you took you car to one of the oil/lube places .. they are know for not putting in enough oil and in some cases not putting oil back in at all.. I would add oil then see if it goes down again.. watch under your car for leaks from a lose oil filter or a lose drain nut.

I dough that the converter is bad.. I would have a second opinion from a muffler shop first.. they are not cheap the converter its self can cause anywhere up to $300.oo + labor.. I don't know for your application.

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