Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How much is a Catalytic converter?

So Ive been getting a weird burning popcorn smell and so I got an oil change. The smell has diminished but not disappeared. I was told my Catalytic converter was going. Now, how much would it be to get it fixed? And can I drive without one or with a faulty one?

If it helps I have a '98 Dodge Durango.How much is a Catalytic converter?in tex got to pass emmisson test for inspection , driving halts when one collapses and plugs exaust , some counties low population do not rate on test can get insp ok,, prove attempt by showing repair paid receipts to state gets waiver for year if above minimumn requirements, cost vary bunch from 75.00 to thousands ive heard on new due to thefts by theves selling to salvageHow much is a Catalytic converter?You can probably drive until the inspection is up. However, converters have a 80000 mile warranty, so if you arent over thke it to the dealer quick. If not, aftermarket ones are a few hundred.How much is a Catalytic converter?Converter cost big bucks. But you know, the catalytic converter works in conjunction with the exhaust system. You might have a simple exhaust leak. Simple but unsafe. I would bring my car to another mechanic for an opinion. Converters seem to last forever.How much is a Catalytic converter?First off, catalytic converters don't just go bad.

There has to be a CAUSE.

If you simply spend $600 for another converter without fixing the problem that caused it to fail, you'll just keep replacing converters.

I think it's time to visit your local mechanic and have an engine diagnostic done BEFORE you replace your converter.How much is a Catalytic converter?ehhh i took mine off...screw it...lol...made my truck sound meaner..lol..back in high school we used to break em on purpose..inspection no prob were im at...mom and pops gas station..dont notice.now take to a nice station,yeah they notice.or i say i bought it like this..and give me a break.lolHow much is a Catalytic converter?you can get a new one now for around 200 bucks their not that expensive to buy ,take a look on this site they have the replacement ones for that vehicle,good luck and happy holidays, http://autopartswarehouse.comHow much is a Catalytic converter?Oil change workers don't know about cat. converters. Go to an exhaust/muffler shop if you have a problem with exhaust system.


an idea of cost. you can find your cat. here if you need one. Check your local cost and compare.

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