Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How many catalytic converters does a 99 honda civic ex have?

I went to a mechanic and he said that the reason why my check engine light was on is because my catalytic converter wasnt working, and that because of this, i would not pass my smog emissions test. He then proceded to tell me that he tried to find a catalytic converter, but the only one he could find costs $800. He also said he would have to replace several gaskets due to changing the converter. When i got home, I googled catalytic converter 99 honda civic, and got quotes between $70 and $250. I'm trying to figure out why he told me that it would cost $800. Was he just over simplifying the fact that I need more than one converter replaced? OR is that unlikely? I usually like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but this is sketchy.How many catalytic converters does a 99 honda civic ex have?I would say your car has 1 converter. My 1993 Civic and 1999 Accord only have one each.

As for the parts, they are goofy for the Civics. I wanted an O2 sensor and told them them hook up connector. They said they had it in stock, only to find out it was not even close. There is atleast 4 different types of O2 sensors.

The Civic went over 350,000 miles and 16 years on the original catalytic converter the car drove off the lot with. The Accord has over 118,000 miles and the original converter. I would doubt your converter is bad. The O2 sensors are probably bad. Civics have either 1 sensor off the headers and some have one there and before the converter.

The web price is for the part, the mechanic added labor cost too.How many catalytic converters does a 99 honda civic ex have?there are primarily 2 kinds of catalytic converters. one for two wheelers and one for four wheelers. In each case no vehicle can be fitted with more than one catalytic converters. I must also add that catalytic converter is indeed used to reduce emissions. Your civic has only one catalytic converter and this must not cost you more than 100$ to purchase. This converter is easily retro-fitted hence changing gaskets is not required either. I think you need to change your mechanic first and then have the converter changed.

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