Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How do I chg my catalytic converter on my 88 chevy pu?

My truck smells a little, and I think the catalytic converter is going or has gone out. Can I change it on my own?

If anyone can leave me some detailed instructions on how I can do this, it would be much appreciated.

If no one can leave me detailed instructions to do it, because it is something that must be mechanic shop serviced, please let me know.

It would mean alot to me and 10 points to the considerate one to leave me correct instructions.

I appreciate detailed instructions, as I always strive to leave detailed instructions in my answers to peoples request for instructions on yahoo.

Thank you so much.How do I chg my catalytic converter on my 88 chevy pu?when a convertor goes bad it is usaully just because it is clogged up. it is good to replace it but you can take it off clean it and put it back on. your dont have to weld it but a lot of people do. you can use exauhst clamps if the ends are tappered enough. but welding is the most durable way to hold it back up. being that the metal is so thin your gonna want some one with a lot of welding experience to do it for youHow do I chg my catalytic converter on my 88 chevy pu?unless you have a welder or can weld i dont think you can do it you have to cut it off then weld it on
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