Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Catalytic converter question?

I have a 3.5 liter engine with 24 valves and I have a bad catalytic converter. How much is the average price to change this. I have my car at a mechanics and he said 950.00. I also am replacing a PVC tube and getting my cooling system checked.Catalytic converter question?First off, don't trust your mechanic all the time.

Catalytic converters rarely go bad. Unless your car was running realy bad.

Consider getting a second opinion, and ask for the old parts back.Catalytic converter question?Shop around 950 is nuts.Catalytic converter question?Catalytic converters are very expensive, they contain presious metals like platinum, rhodium, and palladium, there is no way to keep the cost down when having one replaced.......Catalytic converter question?Catalytic converters can be expensive. A cheap, universal fit cat. converter will cost at least $250 excluding labor. They usually have to weld the part into the exhaust system. With the other stuff you're having done, I'd say the price is just about right.Catalytic converter question?950 is a bit steep get your yellow pages out call some muffler shops get estimate usually when the converter stops up you lose power and in some cases over heats call around for other estimates hope this helpsCatalytic converter question?First of all if the guys who try to fix cars would shut up and do something else with their wastless lives auto repair would be so much easier. You failed to mention what type of vehicle and year but the most common 3.5 is a Mopar. Catalytic Converters can Fail for only Three Reasons. 1. Clogging due to burning oil or driving with a Misfire 2. Catalyst Loose in Shell and this could be from overheating 3. Catalyst Efficiency below Level. Now listen up all the Backyard guys who answered this previously since 1996 OBD 1 and OBD 2 Cat requirements have becomme alot tighter. That once used Universal Cat no Longer exists. A converter needs to be Certified for that specific Vehicle which also requires Location and Oxygen Sensor location to stay stock. Many Converter Companies are now only selling Direct Fit Converters which Drives the Price Up. Also they do not make alot of The OBD 2 Cats yet which only leaves the dealer to purchase from and this gets even pricier. Now put into that California starting 1/1/2009 will only allow OBD2 Cats to be installe in all vehicles driven in California, these Cats burn the Exhaust Gases far better than say a 1981 vehicle which means the cost is higher. Lets not forget the Time the Garage spent Diagnosing the failure of this cat also and the Time to replace it. Many people do sidework and will charge a very low rate they and you are however breaking the Clean Air Act Law as only a Owner or Garage can Replace a Converter on a Car. and Yes there is a time period that the Garage needs to store the Cats for DMV and the EPA. For anyone reading this we must realize that vehicles are not as simple as they were even 5 years ago and that take some expertise not just google and guess works and for someone that is trained and experienced to work on a vehicle and fix it right the first time is more valusble than what you pay the Backyard Smucks ( yes there are not mechanics in my eyes)

By the way 30 years ASE Master Tech and Advanced Certified and Garage Owner

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