Thursday, June 2, 2011

What would cause my car to lose power?

Ok I already know that my 91 VW Jetta GL needs an exhaust manifold replaced, and I am wondering if that would cause it to lose power at 2500 rpms? It will be going just fine then if I let it get above or at 2500 rpms it just bogs down, and will not gain speed no matter how much gas I give it, the CEL comes on most times when this happens, but if I push the clutch in and rev it past 2500 to like 3000 rpms the light goes off, but still lacks power. I changed plugs, wires, cap, rotor, cleaned intake, ran injector cleaner, changed fuel filter. I even replaced the catalytic converter, to no avail. I just bought car the car, and drove it 75 miles to get home, and this problem never arose, it did surge a little but never lost power like this. If any one can give me a few things to look into I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

Another thing, the car did set for a year with a full tank of gas in it, but I used most of that up and put fresh gas in it.What would cause my car to lose power?It could be your Crankshaft sensor%26quot; happened to me and drove me crazy

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