Thursday, June 2, 2011

Smog test Question?

I have a 2005 model car, it's first smog check is due soon, so I called the smog check place and they told me it will be $60 plus parts,I told them the car has been serviced reguarly and has only 9000 miles on it, what parts do I need for a smog check.

They told me I need several parts but not to worry as they have them all in stock for my car, so I asked what parts I would need and how much will they cost.

The man said that I will need a new Catalytic converter and I will need all the filters and oil changed plus several other micelanious parts that should not cost more than $20 but they could not say for sure until they inspect the vehicle, I told him the oil and filter were changed less than a week ago and he replied that it needs to be changed again for a smog check or it will fail, I also need a new Catalytic converter, he said it should be changed every 6 months and it has not been changed since the car was new 18 months ago.He also said I need new spark plugs etc. am I being rSmog test Question?go somewhere else. You dont need any parts for smog check. Its a good idea to to get a oil change but since you already did it you dont need to do it agian. Catalytic converter alone will cost way more than $20. Iv got a car with 130,000 miles with the orginal catalytic converter so I doubt yours need to be changed. Call another place to get your smog check done.Smog test Question?the guy is blowing smoke up your a s s to get as much money out of you as possible. go to a different shop and don't get any part put on it you don't need anything replaced unless its going bad.Smog test Question?too longSmog test Question?THE GUY IS RIPPING YOU OFF. TAKE THE CAR SOMEPLACE ELSESmog test Question?check out other placesSmog test Question?SCAM ALERT. Keep shopping elswhere.

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