Thursday, June 2, 2011

Catalytic converter on 02 monte ss...answer quick?

i bought a car about 4 months ago and have had problems ever since. the car was upgraded from stock with a dual flow master exhaust and idk what else has changed. my ckeck engine light is constantly on and i have had about 5 different codes all relating to emmissions problems. i was wondering how many catalytic converters i am suppose to it one or two because when i went to get an oil change yesterday they said that it looked like i was suppose to have two but there was only one....any ideas would be so0o appreciated. thanks!Catalytic converter on 02 monte ss...answer quick?I believe that car origionally had 1 cat and then it splits off after the cat into dual exhaust and 2 mufflers.Catalytic converter on 02 monte ss...answer quick?The car came through the factory with at least two cats. You should have had the car looked over by a professional prior to purchasing it. Your best bet is to go back to stock manifolds, stock cats, and then use your dual flowmaster exhaust behind the cats. It will be an inexpensive repair, hope u got some cash flow.Catalytic converter on 02 monte ss...answer quick?Do you know if it is aftermarket or factory one ?Catalytic converter on 02 monte ss...answer quick?my truck runs duals off one end of converter,,

then splits out to duals..Catalytic converter on 02 monte ss...answer quick?You should have two. I can't stand people taking the exhaust out of cars %26amp; not even taking the air we breathe into consideration. Sadly, my only suggestion is to have all that crap ripped out %26amp; put back in a stock system. The problem with that is it's expensive. But the fines and delays of all it's issues would make me get that done. Sorry to hear about your problems. The bonehead who put that Flowmaster in simply wanted his/her car to sound good. Many aftermarket exhaust systems do nothing more than make noise. They do nothing for the mpg's. Since you have check engine lights on, your car is most likley burning up more gas than it should in the cars efforts to adjust the fuel/air mix. As if gas isn't expensive enough, you have that problem too. Your car needs pro help. Contact a Chevy dealer if you want it put back together correctly %26amp; stock. G'luck.Catalytic converter on 02 monte ss...answer quick?You can answer your own question. Simply make sure that there's no exhaust pipes coming from the engine that don't go through a catalytic converter on the way to the tailpipes. It sounds like some hot rodder sold you an illegally modified car that should never have been sold without a proper exhaust system.

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