Thursday, June 2, 2011

How do i get my 89 v6 toyota to pass emissions?

Failed a 2nd time I just changed plugs wires air filter oilfilter and oil. Compression in cylinders checks out good could it be my catalytic converter?How do i get my 89 v6 toyota to pass emissions?Kimber?br>
Your question is more than just a little bit ambiguous.

E-mail me with the results of the test.

What were the emissions levels?

What was the ignition timing reported?

What equipment does your little car have? (Emissions components)

How many miles?

What transmission?

What model Toyota?

If you can give me this information, I will try to give you a direction to go for either repairs or diagnostics. There is an emissions calculator that helps me focus the direction of the diagnostics.

Happy MotoringHow do i get my 89 v6 toyota to pass emissions?You can disconnect a vacuum line at the engine.If the engine stalls, try another one.Leave the one disconnected that does not allow the engine to stall.Another way would be to add about a quart of straight Alcohol to your gas tank that has only a couple of gallons of gas in it.Alcohol burns cleaner.How do i get my 89 v6 toyota to pass emissions?Just do something to the exhaust pipe while it is being tested, so that way it looks like it is very clean. I don't really know what..How do i get my 89 v6 toyota to pass emissions?Your question can not be answered... you obviously are

emitting too much of something such as high Hydrocarbons

or otherwise... and yes it may be your Cat Conv. but it is an

expensive guess...How do i get my 89 v6 toyota to pass emissions?Of course this question can be answered. If you changed your spark plugs, wires, then its not your electrical system. Those would be the only problems causing you to fail an emmisions test. If you haven't changed your exhaust, or had a new catalytic converter installed anytime soon (your car being an 89') it would most deffinetely, almost 100% sure it's that. Those filter out more then half of the emission junk. That's your best bet for sure! :)How do i get my 89 v6 toyota to pass emissions?what were the numbers on the failed test

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