Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chaning a 99 Dakota catalytic converter?

My truck is making me mad. Check engine light goes on and so far 3 out of 3 diagnostic tests list it as the first of several problems. Ive been fixing the least expensive first and getting to the cat con. How do you change it, where is it, and how much do they cost?Chaning a 99 Dakota catalytic converter?A catalytic converter will trip an efficiency code when it can no longer store oxygen to burn raw fuel molecules. The computer looks at the rear oxygen sensor to see that at steady cruising speeds it is staying lean and not switching from rich to lean with the front one. If it is switching back and forth the converter is not doing its job of reducing emissions and this will trip a code over a period of averaged out instances.This will not hurt your performance and does not mean the converter is plugged up. Converters are several hundred to over one thousand dollars depending on the vehicle. If you choose a smaller, universal type, rather than the original, to save money, it may not last long and can hurt performance Oh' You have running problems too? Does the check engine light blink when its running bad, indicating a misfire?Chaning a 99 Dakota catalytic converter?the convertor is part of the exhaust, it looks like a long rectangle with the corners cut off. if the engine is not stalling or loosing power when you push the gas, its prob. not the convertor. whats the truck doing?
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