Thursday, June 2, 2011

How do I change the Transmission Fluid on a 96 2.4L Dodge Stratus?

I actually know how to change the transmission fluid but the real question that I have is do I need to put in a new filter and gasket. I got the car right before winter ended with a new used transmission in it. I drove it until now which is september and put probably under 10,000 mi on it. About a month ago I had a transmission slip so I put some fluid in it (around a half of a quart) and it has shifted great ever since. Here is the problem, the fluid that I put in the car was Dextron 111 which I now know is a big NO. At the time I didnt know this. I recently have had an error code 72 come up which either means catalytic converter failure or the transmission will go out. This is why I want to Change out the fluid before something bad happens. With so few miles on it do I have to change the filter and gasket? Also how many quarts of fluid...I heard that it is around 10How do I change the Transmission Fluid on a 96 2.4L Dodge Stratus?Total fluid Replacement will take that trans a long way, as anyone will tell you, heat kills. this is especially important with the 41TE automatic transaxle. The fluid tends to break down rapidly and will cause issues with seals and clutches, especially in the torque converter.

It's good practice to replace the filter at least every 60K miles.

After replacing filter (some residue is normal, be suspicious of metalic debris). reseal the pan (some have reusable gaskets) fill the trans and drive it a few miles to bring the trans to operating temp.

Then disconnect the cooler lines and purge the trans of the remaining fluid, while adding fluid thru the dipstick, to maintain a supply for the pump to operate. after you have added and recovered about 6-7 quarts(the more the better), shut the engine off and reconnect the lines, refill the trans and your done. This replaces 99% of the fluid and is exactly what the dealership or shop will do, (except they use a pump to supply the trans with fresh fluid thru the disconnected cooler line)How do I change the Transmission Fluid on a 96 2.4L Dodge Stratus?4 quarts since you just change what is in the pan,also the filter when pan is off,it is cheap so just replace it.How do I change the Transmission Fluid on a 96 2.4L Dodge Stratus?if you let that one drain for a while you need to have 5 quarts on hand when you change that, or you may find it to be a little low,and change the filter on it their not that expensive to replace,never drop a pan and not change the filter on it,your only asking for problems if you do that,good luck.

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