Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to test a coil pack?

I know that I can put a spark plug into the ends of the wires and see if there is a spark, my question is can I do all of this while the engine is running? Will I get shocked? Can this cause problems with gas accumulating in the cylinders? Will I mess up my catalytic converter? I have a bad misfire and I have already changed out the plugs and wires to no avail. Any advice?How to test a coil pack?Unless you have the proper tools then no it is not advisable to ply with the HT leads while the car is running.

What make, year and model car have you got?How to test a coil pack?I have already tested my coil pack by just pulling the leads off the pack while it was running. I noticed a spark on all of them so I know my coil pack is working fine. Your answer is not really an answer I am only sorry I didn't vote it out in time, I have been so busy.

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How to test a coil pack?what about the module

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How to test a coil pack?driving to workshopHow to test a coil pack?to check the coilpack ..just get a test light ground it some where on the block then press the the test light on the head of each wire at the coilpack.. you should hear a change in the way the car idles..if you get to one of the wires and the idle does not change.. that is the cylinder that is giving you the problem.but it could be dead cylinder and not the coil packHow to test a coil pack?Pull the end of a spark plug wire off the spark plug (leave it attached at the coil pack). Use a %26quot;safety%26quot; screwdriver, one with a rubber or plastic handle cover. DO NOT TOUCH THE METAL PART OF THE SCREWDRIVER!! Put the screwdriver in the unattached end of the plug wire, and hold the rest of the screwdriver near a metal surface. Have a friend crank the engine over and see if sparks jump from the screwdriver and the metal it's close to. Yellow sparks may mean a weak coil pack, or a bad plug wire. Blue sparks should mean everything is ok... I'ts a little risky (getting shocked), but as long as you don't touch the metal part of the screwdriver, you should be fine.How to test a coil pack?make sure you choose the correct screw driver. THere is a different voltage rating for every driver even though its protected by rubber. If the insulation is not good. You still will get a nasty shock.

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