Thursday, June 2, 2011

Catalytic converters on 1996 mustang?

so im trying to get an estamit on how mutch it will cost me to get the catalytic converters on my 1996 ford mustang gt. change that cloged up a wile back and i cant ever run my car anymore it soo bad so if any one can help thanksCatalytic converters on 1996 mustang?universal cats are available from checker,schucks or kragen auto parts in the performance dept. for @65.00 ea. take them to a muffler shop and have them welded on.Catalytic converters on 1996 mustang?At a Ford dealer, it's approximately $400.00 for the two

converters and labor. Summit Racing has great converters

for your Mustang.Catalytic converters on 1996 mustang?any muffer shop would be able to answer this with a better price we here would be guessing

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