Thursday, June 2, 2011

How exactly is the best way to remove Catalytic Converter?

I have decided to remove the Catalytic Converter on my 1995 Ford Escort 1.9L Auto hatchback. When i get it off, it is going to be tested to see: 1) What the engine does (it isnot seized oroverheated but it had exhaust gases backing up so im gonna see where it remains, it sounded bad like a sawzall the last time it did run, but it did run) and 2) how the Cat looks and what to do with it.

The remedy to the cat will be one of the three: 1) Drilling it out and putting it back on, 2) putting a pipe where it was and leaving it off, 3) fitting a universal Cat. I am not concerned with inspection until it comes time i can have one put on right, this is the no-money get-the-car-to-run repair. (If the engine couldnt breathe to cause the sawzall sopund, it should get power and not die when the gas is pressed like it was doing. Fuel Pump is not it, andthe next suspect is Cat. -Then- we look at Timing and plugs.) I am not concerned w the Cat being 'legal' only 'working' until i can revisit it just before an inspection.

So i do wonder what the best way to remove itis. The options range from Blowtorching (scrapyard style, cars on forklifts) to sawzalling (welding back on in either case, they do it and just cover the fuel lines) to removing the blots. One guy wants to remove body pieces to get to it, since it may be rusted. I would like to know the best/easiest method to remove, this is a Mobile Mechanic situation. It just is. Im wondering so we can do it the best.

Also, how do i clear Code 0182, which my car has? And that means Exhaust or EGR, yes?

And is it easy to change liftersor valves in an engine? Yes? No?

Thank you for the info. This is a serious question, i accept my 91 Escort S.W. Is all blowed up w no radiator or engine (although someone suggested the lifters may have collased and it may go right after.) Im looking forward to the answers, i want to get my car (95) back good. Strut being put back on this weekend.

I still wantObama to buy me a new car. It happened on his highway, the rot cause. State Police can find where the reflector was rammed out the road by the Semis low pressure tire if they looked. Im sure somewherein the $1700hundredthousand million Monopoly Oney budget it says 'Residentsof Ohio have $33.6 Billion allocated for defective cars, under the promis pe to Save the Environment by getting everyone a Prius anda Jetta TDI.' Think about it. :)

Thanks, im ready to do the Cat. Conv. Thing w people this weekend. I await your answers.

Sincerely, - JosephHow exactly is the best way to remove Catalytic Converter?Some people have been known to cut the pipe behind the converter then take a long steel pipe and ram it into the converter,breaking away the honeycomb structure.When then started,the exhaust gasses blow out the debris and it is then clear.

This is done for testing a restricted exhaust and may be illegal for highway operation.

Geez,Take it easy Talon.How exactly is the best way to remove Catalytic Converter?is why they have muffler shops most are now welded on so you have to have a cutting torch or a hack saw the rest you can buy at parts storesHow exactly is the best way to remove Catalytic Converter?they are welded on so you have to cut them off and weld a new 1 back on.How exactly is the best way to remove Catalytic Converter?The one thing everyone forgot to mention in their answers was the fine that goes along with taking the catalytic converter off the last I heard it was up around 500 bucks if you get caught without one

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