Thursday, June 2, 2011

How much should a tune-up cost?

I have a manual 2002 VW Golf with approx. 145,000 miles on it. This is my first tune-up (I know, I know!) I had my timing belt and water pump replaced at around 120k and I replaced my battery at around 110k. I do regular oil changes.

Some other things I need:

-New catalytic converter (but it's so expensive so that might have to wait.)

-My window fell into the door panel and according to the dealership, my car is 6 months past the recall allowance for that defective part and they want to charge me $380 +tax. I call shenanigans.

Thanks for the help.How much should a tune-up cost?A tune up is minor repair and can be done easily with just a few tools readily available from any hardware store. The price of spark plugs range from 1.50-10.00 per cylinder depending on how much performance you would like. Spark plug wires cost from 50-150.00 once again depending on performance needs. If you have coil packs or a distributor the cost will vary from 10-100.00. The O2 sensor is usually about 20-50.00. The average person can get away with the regular parts resulting in a tune up cost of 100-200 dollars taking about 1-3 hours to complete.

The local Advance Auto and Autozones are your friends!How much should a tune-up cost?What i do is call all the nearest shops around me and get quotes on whatever i need done, then choose the one with the lower labor rate. Hope this helps!

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